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Thankful Paws® to the Rescue 

Animal rescuers rave about "Donation Ware!" Successful fundraising tool benefits nonprofit groups. 

Thankful Paws®, a Maryland-based company, specializes in making Donation Ware apparel for animals, adults, and children. Owner, Jody Cohen, has just one wish in mind for the recipients of her products that are specifically designed to help nonprofit groups increase their donations, "May your pockets always be full!" Her wish is coming true for the animal rescue groups that have put the Donation Ware to work for their organizations......

"We all had a wonderful time today at the Oriole Park event. Thanks to the Donation Dog coats we brought in $556.17 in donations! It was incredible how fast the pockets on the coats filled up."
-Christina K.

"Our efforts were greatly enhanced by using your Donation Team vests. We were thrilled to have a donation team uniform to wear out into the crowds while passing out flyers, and raised over $500 for the dogs!" -Kathy S.

"Those Donation Dog coats make such a hit! We put one on my guy Zeke and couldn't believe the $20 bills people put in the pockets." -Cathy G.

The uniquely styled apparel is handmade and professionally screen printed. Organizations may have their coats or vests personalized, if desired. The body of the apparel is bright red with a "safety yellow" detachable section that features two clear plastic donation pockets, sending the message loud and clear, "WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS!"

In an effort to benefit our nation's largest population of animals in distress, Thankful Paws® created a trio of Donation Dog coats with "Katrina's K-9 Survivors" custom graphics. The coats were donated to the St. Tammany Humane Society in hopes of giving an extra boost to much needed donations. The shelter's Executive Director, Beth Brewster, was thrilled at the prospect of using such a unique fundraising tool.  

New Orleans area residents, Suzanne Nobile and Stacey Tavan attend local events on behalf of St. Tammany's to put the coats to work raising money for the large numbers of pets that continue to come into the care of the shelter. Tavan's rescued Great Dane, Beau, helps work the crowds with Suzanne and Stacey. In a recent interview, Nobile remarked, "With thousands of homeless animals needing the basics of life, and with so many in dire need of medical care, literally every dollar helps."

Thankful Paws® owner, Jody Cohen, is also deeply committed to helping hearing and vision impaired dogs with her Deaf and Blind Dog Collar Covers, Bandanas, and Coats. Jody's Great Dane, Aspen, is deaf as well as vision impaired. She feels that, "Should a deaf & blind dog find themselves on the run, the collar cover alerts the public that "calling" the dog to them, or "motioning" to them, may not work. It is also a wonderful educational tool which allows owners of dogs who are deaf or blind to discuss canine deafness and blindness with the public. Deaf and blind dogs can learn commands via hand and touch signals and many people are amazed to learn that deaf and blind dogs can adapt well to their environment."

Thankful Paws® manufactures Donation Dog & Adopt Me Please Coats & SummerTime Saddles, Donation Team & Adoption Team Vests for adults and children, Please Adopt Me Bandanas (small enough for cats too!) & Collar Covers, I've Been Adopted & I've Been Rescued Bandanas, Dog In Training Coats & SummerTime Saddles, Deaf Dog, Blind Dog & Shy Dog Apparel (Collar Covers, Bandanas, Coats, and SummerTime Saddles), Apparel for Owners of deaf and blind dogs, Custom Made Double Fleece Winter Coats for dogs and matching scarves for their people, Keep Cool ~ Cooling Bandanas & Cooling Collars, and Apparel for Owners of Rescued Dogs and Senior Dogs.

Thankful Paws® also sells Donation Dog and Donation Cat Big Belly® Banks.



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